A Quick Catch Up

So it’s been a really busy year so far which is great but I’ve been a bit slack on keeping the website up to date so I’m back online to bring it up to speed.

I’ve been on the road most of the year so far, mainly with the People’s String Foundation which has been a blast, especially as Ben and Zaid have been dropping the occasional new tune on us all which all sound great.  Momentum for the new album is definitely gathering and it’s generating a lot of excitement.  Recently Ben, Zaid and I have been doing the odd few gigs as a trio which have been really great fun, playing the tunes we know as a band but stripped back to an acoustic trio has been eye-opening! It’s also felt great to spend a lot more time on the double bass, I don’t half miss it sometimes!

There have been a smattering of Ruarri Joseph gigs as well, again a slightly different line-up with guitarist Al away for the last few months Ruarri, Harry and I also went out as a trio.  Whereas I was expecting to have to play more to support the songs without the extra guitar it quickly became apparent the opposite was more fitting, pulling back to allow space afforded a much richer, clearer sound.  Why play ten notes when one says it well enough?

And finally, here’s a photo of the String’s Trio plus session drummer and all-round top bloke Garry Kroll playing with Gary Stringer of Reef in Newquay the other week.











It’s a funny ol’ world innit?



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