Better Late Than Never

Hello again!

Here’s the blog post people have been asking me to get round to writing for about four months, my apologies.  Things are good in Camp Jones and there’s lots to tell you.

Over Christmas I was in Birmingham doing some theatre work for a couple of months and had the opportunity to catch up with lots of friends from my Conservatoire days which was great, I hadn’t realised just how much I missed them. Getting to listen to them play again was inspiring, there are some truly fantastic musicians in this country and more attention needs to be paid to the creative work they all do.

End of Theatre

Since New Year things haven’t stopped much, lots of gigs with The People’s String Foundation, Jack Wallen and Gareth Lee have kept me busy, there was also a last minute recording session with a fantastic young singer and songwriter called Saskia Maxwell which was great fun, (I may have been allowed to bust out some guitar playing chops, brace yourselves). I’ll keep you posted as and when things get released.

Studio w Saskia

Speaking of music releases, The People’s String Foundation have released a free download of the forthcoming album which you can pick up here, some other big news is that the Ruarri Joseph album I played bass on, Brother, is set to be re-released by ADA Warner on the 25th March which is exciting so watch this space.

There’s lots more exciting stuff to tell you, (well exciting for me at least), but I’ll get round to that in another post and I promise it won’t take another four months this time.


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