Save the Oprhanage

Last week I had the great pleasure of being the bassist for a project called Save The Orphange.  This project is the brainchild of the musician and friend, Ryan Jones, and culminated with up and coming singers and songwriters in Cornwall getting to work on their music with a session band and then rehearse and record their music in world class studios with world class producers. Alongside me in the session band was my longtime backline partner Harry Harding and guitar guru Ben Westaway, jamming did ensue.

Photo 27-08-2014 19 02 02

Sam Powell warming up in the studio.

Three artists were chosen for the final production week, Sam Powell, Kezia and Suzie Mac, we spent two days with each, rehearsing and recording with a smattering of gigs and showcases thrown in for good measure/extra stress.

Photo 30-08-2014 00 03 13

Paul Reeve at the helm.

I enjoyed this project enormously, it was a real pleasure getting to work with such talented new artists and with producers of such high calibre like Paul Reeve and Gareth Young. We also had the honour of spending a lot of time with guitar legend and Airfield Studio founder, Jo Partridge.  Jo is a great guy and an amazing musician and getting to talk to him about music, the business and a million other things was really special and very valuable, I think all three of us in the band really felt that. Harry’s photo sums it up pretty well.

The next few months should see the release of the tracks we recorded and video footage from the weeks rehearsals, recording sessions and gigs.  In the meantime I tried to grab a few photos here and there of which I’ll post a couple on here but the rest will be on the Facebook page for ease.

I’ve got a week off back in Bristol now so I’m off to drink coffee and do laundry, oh the life!

Chris x

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Summer Festivals


With festival season well and truly underway I’ve got a pretty exciting summer ahead of me.  I always feel very privileged that I get to play these great music events and enjoy the festival atmosphere as part of my job so I thought I’d share my summer schedule with you and if you’re around at any of the same festivals it’d be great to say hello.

June 8th – Electric Beach Festival, Newquay w/ The People’s String Foundation & Albert Jones

June 29th – Glastonbury Festival, Pilton w/ The People’s String Foundation

July 18th – Somersault Festival, Devon w/ Jack Wallen

July 19th – Looe Mini Music Fest, Cornwall w/ Sonic Jazz Project

July 26th-27th – Secret Garden Party, Huntingdon w/ The People’s String Foundation & Jack Wallen

August 2nd – Leopallooza, Cornwall w/ Jack Wallen

August 8th – Boardmasters, Cornwall w/ Jack Wallen

August 23rd-24th – Small World Festival, Kent w/ The People’s String Foundation

September 6th – Woolley Festival, Wilts w/ The People’s String Foundation

September 14th – Little Apple Cyder Festival, Cornwall w/ The People’s String Foundation & Albert

September 21st – Looe Festival, Cornwall w/ Charlie Wingfield, Sonic Jazz & Save the Orphange

Hope to see some of you in the fields,

Chris x

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Gruv Gear & Studio Stuffs

It’s been a busy year already.  After playing two shows up in the Midlands for Imagine Theatre and PR Productions I’ve been back in the South West gigging, teaching at Falmouth University and ducking into the studio with different artists.  It’s been ace, I feel very lucky.

I’m currently sat in the studio with Jack Wallen and Tommy Williams as it’s the final day of mixing the E.P. before it goes off to John Cornfield for mastering.Tommy working hard at making us all sound good.

Speaking of John Cornfield, I spent a day in the studio with him recording Saskia Maxwell’s new E.P. which should be out later this week.

In the next week or so I’ll be going into the Cube Studio to lay down some double and electric bass on Gareth Lee’s forthcoming E.P.  I got to hear some of the raw edits the other day and it’s already sounding pretty good.

And finally,I’m very proud to say I am now an official Gruv Gear artist.  The guys at Gruv Gear have sent me some of their FretWraps which have had a much bigger impact on my playing both live and in the studio than I thought they would. They help cut out overtones and sympathetic resonance as well as any other unwanted string noise. They also sent me an awesome “Genre” T-shirt which has been great for scaring singer/songwriters 😉 .


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