Green Man Festival

Here’s a shot from the burning of the Green Man at the festival at the weekend, out of all the festivals this season Green Man was the only one I was going to get the chance to stay at and enjoy the weekend, and enjoy it we did.  The People’s String Foundation played the Chai Wallahs stage twice on the Saturday, first as the band for the fantastic singer and songwriter Clay, then we had an hour to make our own and we had a blast.  Chai Wallahs is always a great stage to play and the audience were in fine voice and mad us feel like a million bucks.

Aside from playing it was nice to get the chance to sit back and watch some other musicians too, (Willie Mason was excellent),  and it also seemed to be a festival of bumping into old friends, each from different times in my life, each one a musician cutting their own groove, I felt privileged to get to hang out with them again . On the whole it was an excellent weekend, make sure you come check it out next yearl.


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