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It’s been a busy year already.  After playing two shows up in the Midlands for Imagine Theatre and PR Productions I’ve been back in the South West gigging, teaching at Falmouth University and ducking into the studio with different artists.  It’s been ace, I feel very lucky.

I’m currently sat in the studio with Jack Wallen and Tommy Williams as it’s the final day of mixing the E.P. before it goes off to John Cornfield for mastering.Tommy working hard at making us all sound good.

Speaking of John Cornfield, I spent a day in the studio with him recording Saskia Maxwell’s new E.P. which should be out later this week.

In the next week or so I’ll be going into the Cube Studio to lay down some double and electric bass on Gareth Lee’s forthcoming E.P.  I got to hear some of the raw edits the other day and it’s already sounding pretty good.

And finally,I’m very proud to say I am now an official Gruv Gear artist.  The guys at Gruv Gear have sent me some of their FretWraps which have had a much bigger impact on my playing both live and in the studio than I thought they would. They help cut out overtones and sympathetic resonance as well as any other unwanted string noise. They also sent me an awesome “Genre” T-shirt which has been great for scaring singer/songwriters 😉 .


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