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It feels great to have my own website at last and I owe a great deal of thanks to Gareth Sharples and Colin Ramsay for their time and advice, they’ve both been godsends!  Gareth is a really talented artist and animator and it was his animation “Swingheil” that I wrote the score for, check out his skills here. Colin is a top bloke, a font of all knowledge and a top twitterer(?) and has his own site too, check out his diary here.

So, it’s been a busy time since joining up with The People’s String Foundation and it’s been great fun so far.  We’ve already been all over doing various festivals and the like, Glastonbury was obviously a highlight it felt great to play there.  Just before that we played at a little festival in Ireland called Body and Soul which was brilliant, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, (possibly a bit too much).  We met some ace people, played a great gig and the whole trip was a great experience .  I’m really hopeful that we’ll get a chance to go back there next year and maybe play some surrounding gigs too.  Whilst we were recovering over the campfire in the morning we met a great brother/sister duo called Madu who you can check out here. Aside from being top people the music they make is ace so go have a butchers.

Since Glasto we’ve all gone our seperate ways for a week or two to recharge ready for the next string of gigs which include Wooley Festival and Secret Garden Party so there’s plenty to look forward to.  Check out the “Live” page for more gig info.



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