Jack Wallen Promo Video

This is the new promo video for Jack Wallen’s live E.P. ‘What Money Can’t Buy’.  As well as the E.P. being recorded that night, the incredibly talented Insa Burch was filming the proceedings and has edited this promo video along with another which is yet to be released.  I strongly recommend you check out Insa’s stuff because she’s brilliant and as you’ll see from her website she’s already on brink of being huge in the extreme sports world so I feel honoured to have my ugly mug on one of her classy videos.

I’ve just finished a short tour of the South West with Jack which was great fun, lots of driving and lots of gigs but we met some great people along the way and laughed a lot about silly things so all was good.  I hope to be with playing with Jack a fair bit in the future including another short tour in August so come out to a show before he goes huge! 😉


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