People’s String Foundation at Sawmills

I’ve just got back from tracking the double and electric bass parts for The People’s String Foundation‘s new album, The Lost Dreams of Gilgamesh, and I’m really excited.  I’ve been looking forward to putting my name to a People’s String recording since I started playing with the guys last April and it’s been well worth the wait.  Ben and Zaid have been writing some great music and spending the last 5 days in Sawmills Studio playing, recording and making the bass parts my own was an exhausting and glorious process.

For the majority of the tunes I used electric, my workhorse Fender Jazz being my weapon of choice, and recorded in the live room with drummer Harry Harding playing at the same time so that the core of each track was solid and organic.  After two days of intense tracking I got to break out the double bass and record some of the more delicate tracks, I always feel more at home playing double bass and even got to use the bow on some tracks which is a rare pleasure.

Sawmills studio is an amazing place to visit let alone record in, it’s situated on the south coast of Cornwall not far from St Austell and over the years has recorded some amazing names in the world of music and I’m stoked to say I’ve worked there.  Producer and engineer Tommy Williams has to get a huge mention in his massive and currently on-going role in the making of the album, his skill, positivity and generosity made it all the more an enjoyable experience and I hope he knows how much we all appreciate him.

So with my playing done I packed the boat and headed home, (oh yea, you need a boat to get your gear to Sawmills!).  I’m always gutted to leave a recording session there’s such creativity and musicianship combined with a constant strive for perfection that it’s often strange to come back to the real world.  A huge thanks to Ben, Zaid, Clare, Harry, Naomi, Beth and Tommy, it was truly a pleasure.


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