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So it’s been a pretty busy month which is no bad thing, with a great deal of it spent with The People’s String Foundation out on the road playing at all sorts of festivals and venues over the UK.  Most recently we played at Secret Garden Party on the Chai Wallahs stage and then the Small World stage and a big thank you has to be said to all the people who came out and danced like demons to both shows with a special mention going out to the Cornish troop who did me proud! On stage we premiered some new tunes we had spent the previous few days working on and it went down really well.  It felt really good to be working on and playing material that is going to be part of the next generation of PSF music and possibly be on the next album, exciting times!  We’ve got a couple of dates down in Cornwall this weekend, St Austell Eden Café on Friday 29th and Peapods Café in Penryn on the Saturday so if anyone’s about and fancies a couple of beers and bit of a dance come on down.

Apart from that things have been moving on slowly but surely behind the scenes, I’m managing to write a few ideas for new tunes down once in a while and the contracts for the show I’m in the pit band for in Scotland are all signed and sealed which will take me into the New Year.  It’ll be great to spend Christmas and Hogmanay back in Scotland with family, it’s going to be a great couple of months.

Continuing on the family thread my little brother Seb is making great strides towards getting his micro brewery up and running and it is going to be fantastic.  He’s working so hard at organising equipment and premises not to mention continually brewing and experimenting with different ingredients that I have no doubt it’s going to be a great success, plus the beer tastes bloody lovely! He’s on Twitter so give him a follow here.



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